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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 12, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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person, so it's kind of like, you know, you're familiar with the property. good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 12th day of september, 2012. live lock outside. a little bit of a breeze stirring. something is blowing. we know it is a little cool outside for those of who you enjoy a little bit of a cooler temperature. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. cooler temperatures but i felt the humidity just a little bit. >> did you?
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>> yes. it's back, isn't it? >> maybe -- you are very sensitive. you're the only one feel tsmght it will be a touch warmer today with just the slightest bit more humidity as sarah mentioned with highs about 80. -- you're the only one feeling it. we are expecting highs in the upper 70s and low 80s today. localities of sunshine expected and this wonderful dry pat were continues here for the middle of the week. more details on the forecast and we'll look at some numbers in just a minute. back to you at the desk. u at t >> thank you. appear tax on the u.s. embassy in egypt tops our stories this morning a violent mop of extremist muslims climbed the wall of the american embassy in cairo and tore down the american flag.
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they burned it and replaced with a black islamic flag. in libya, one american staffer was killed when armed protesters set fire in the city of bengazi. according to police, two men broke into the victim's home, stabbed him and stole his 1990s model white buick regal. she say the they men involved knew each other and there is no theft to the public. >> remembering 9-11. this is a live look at new york where the tribute of lights is still illuminating the skies over manhattan this morning. it will shine until dawn. this is one of several ways americans paid tribute on the eleventh anniversary of the neefn attacks. >> fox's rick leventhal has a l
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-- anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. >> reporter: for the 11th time, somber ceremonies honored the lives lost. >> although he threw himself from the building, i know that god was waiting for him below and caught him in his rarms. >> reporter: in new york, family members read the names of the nearly 3,000 victims. >> and our son, glen davis kerwin. >> reporter: a bell tolled six times marking the moments hijack asked planes crashed into both world trade center towers, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania and when the twin towers fell. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience, for at least an instant, the terror of that moment returns. >> reporter: while the vice president marked the occasion in shanksville, the president took part in solemn care moan usc at the white house, arlington cemetery and the
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pentagon. >> this is never an easy day but it is especially difficult for all of you. the families of nearly 3,000 innocents who lost hair lives. >> reporter: this year, elected officials did not speak in new york. it was dedicated solely to victim's families and first responders. >> there is a void in all our lives because of this that will never, ever be filled or healed. >> i hope we never lose focus on what really happened here and may we never forget nor forgive those responsible. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >> good morning.
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we are taking a live look right now at reagan national airport. shouldn't be any issues with delays going out of reagan today at least. a pretty decent day today. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. i was kidding about how chilly and told it is. it is nice. we can handle it. >> just about perfect. >> no complaint here. >> the sun was out in the afternoon. it was actually pretty good. >> i saw a lot of happy people out and about yesterday. let's get to your numbers. right now, we're cool. >> you're still thrown off by that. >> i think we just jolted some people still laying in bed. 61 in washington. there you go. temperature falling back into the 40s again in places like
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frederick. 46degrees. chilly off to the north and west. 63 at stevensville this morning. we do have cloud cover well north and west of chicago. that is our next frontal system. i think late friday, during the day on saturday, we'll have some clouds around with the possibility of a few showers. that is the next chance for any sort of feature that will feature some rain. high pressure keeps us nice and dry today. more sunshine, a beautiful afternoon. enjoy this time of year. >> everybody just seemed like you said happier yesterday. >> i have more energy when there is a little less humidity and the temperatures are -- >> i hear you. i went for a run and felt great. let's check in with julie. >> you didn't run by my house. >> i know. >> i was out there. i didn't see you. >> i'm not running like 50 miles or anything. juror the rule is if i can catch the ice cream truck, then i get the ice cream. that is the rule.
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>> how fast is the ice cream struck driving in your neighborhood? >> have you not seen my hood, sarah? pretty darned fast. southbound 270 with lanes open, no problems to report out of germantown. i was doing pedal to the metal all the way. no signs of any roadwork as you travel between the beltway from 270 around toward colesville road. we also had construction that was westbound along 66 at nutley street with the two left lanes getting by. this is 395 north. all lanes are open headed out towards the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >> thank you. now to the developing attacks on u.s. diplomatic facilities in the middle east. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton confirms that a state department staffer was killed last night in libya and condemned an attack on a u.s. consulate in the strongest
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terms. five libyan soldiers also died when armed extremist muslims opened fire and threw homemade bombs at the building. over in egypt, angry protesters there broke into the u.s. embassy and burned the american flag. they are upset at a youtube film produced in the u.s. that humiliates the prophet mohammed. prince william county police are working to identify two suspects accused of stabbing a man they allegedly knew during a violent home invasion. police say the two men broke into the home, stabbed him and stole his 1990s white buick regal. and 18-year-old was walking to class yesterday morning when he was shot and killed. >> this morning, his killer is still on the loose into. karen gray houston has the
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latest on this. >> reporter: this was the normal path marckel ross took to school. >> he was a very sweet, energic, outgoing child. >> reporter: his grieving brother fought back tears. >> i'd rather it been me than him. >> reporter: it was just before 7:00 a.m. when police and fire started getting 911 calls of a man down in the 6100 block of old central avenue. >> when police arrived, they found the victim dead of an apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: walking to school. his mother thought the walk wasn't safe. the family had moved here from anne arundel county several years ago. she says her son had had some trouble with other students. >> i think when he first got there, it was more like bully, trying him because he wasn't from up here. >> reporter: mom said she had complained to school officials last year but when they asked him for the bullies were bothering him this year, he said he thought they had
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dropped out. the principal at central said he was a strong student way bright spirit. >> as many of our central high school students, he is one who has boundless potential. >> reporter: he was a member of the school's popular modeling program for aspiring models and fashion designers. police cadetted did a grid search for evidence at the scene. at central high, a mile away, students are trying to understand. >> it was crazy. everybody was crying. it was just sad. >> everybody was freaked out. nobody expected it. it was like wow, that's scary. >> i still don't believe it. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand for those who needed them. >> there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer in this case. three men will now face life in prison without parole following a judge's sentencing for their involvement in one of
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d.c.'s deadliest shootings. they all received life without parole. during the march 2010 shooting spree, five people were killed and nine others wounded in a fight over a bracelet. the men showed little emotion in court as victims' family members said how life has been since that shooting. two others also received lesser sentences. the man who owned the bracelet will serve 54 years and lamar williams who supplied the guns will serve 30 years. hundreds of montgomery county police cruisers are being inspected for possible safety problems. there may be a steering defect. two ever the department's cruises are have had steering problems since july. neither incident caused a crash. one-third of the county's marked cruisers are now being inspected. officers will drive other vehicles in the meantime. this year's west nile outbreak has hit pretty close to home for people in virginia as the state's health department confirms one person
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has died from the virus. officials a the person was a senior citizen who lived in northwest virginia but has not released any more information than that. nine virginians have contracted the virus so far this year. in maryland, officials have reported 21 cases there, one of which was deadly. the district has reported one case which also killed its victim. crews are spraying throughout the region right now trying to get rid of as many mosquitos as possible. federal health officials say this is the worst year for west nile in the country since it was first discovered back in the late '90s. we are following another developing story. two devastating factory fires overseas. >> up next, the latest on the staggering death toll as we check more headlines. 
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a developing story in pakistan as over 100 are killed. firefighters managed to put out the blaze. some workers had to break through windows and jump to escape the flames. the death toll has been rising all night and is now up to 128. day three of the teacher's strike in chicago and negotiations on the most important issues are still at a stalemate. thousands of teachers marched through the streets of chicago yesterday. the two sides met to more than 10 hours but are deadlocked on performance evaluations and also recall rights for laid-off teachers. talks are expected to resume again at 11:00 a.m. this morning. some 350,000 students will miss a third day of class. president barack obama and job nominee mitt romney are back out trying to woo the voters. romney is back in florida
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holding an event at his own campaign office in jacksonville. the president is heading to nevada where he will deliver his remarks to supporters in las vegas. we are just eight weeks away from the election and the race is still very close actually new "washington post" abc poll of likely voters has president obama with 49% of the vote and mitt romney with 48%. but in a wider poll of registered voters, the president has a six-point lead. controversy at a local university over something a professor did in class. >> she breast fed her sick baby in class. it happened at american university and coming up next, details of the school's response and what the professor had to say about this. now, let's check in with tucker. >> another cool start to your day. temperatures in the 40s in some spots. i'll have the detail on your weather and julie wright has a look at the traffic too coming up after the break. he break. 
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welcome back. hello, fall. temperatures in the 60s. probably even low are than that out west of here as we take a live look outside. checking in with tucker in just a second. first, you can catch a free concert in d.c. the national symphony orchestra will perform a free community concert in
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d.c.'s u street, shaw and logan circle neighborhood. thian show will take place in area theaters, schools, churches and other gathering spots. the orchestra will also perform at howard university on january 14th. i think that is a great idea, kind of get them into the neighborhoods. i think sometimes people think that gosh, i have to go all the way to the kennedy center. sometimes it is easier for it is right in your backyard. >> and you don't have to pay. so it is a big attraction. >> if you wanted to do an outdoor concert, this is the perfect time. >> september is perfect for about anything outdoors. it is a little cool out there for the next hour or two. we've got 40s across parts of the area here. you was ready for it that time. >> i wasn't. >> you didn't even flinch. >> we're going to wake people up real quick. >> waking me up, that's for sure. >> sunny streak continues today. that is the headline. the dry conditions and nice weather will continue through
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the rest of the week. a bit of a warming trend. here are your cool temperatures. 61 in washington. that is cool for this time of year. our average daytime high is in the upper 70s and average daytime low in the mid-60s. there you go, just north and west, we're getting good radiational cooling and that is allowing the temperatures to fall back. appear -- annapolis is 62. i'm not earning my paycheck this week because this is nothing to tell you about. i don't want to hear anything, sarah and wisdom. high pressure moving through during the next couple of days will keep things nice and dry. cold front north and west of chicago. we've been struggling with the timing on that a little bit. i think friday night into
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saturday we should have some clouds around with just a few showers. that is our next weather maker of any note. 81 today. more sunshine. yesterday, we were in the upper 70s. winds south and east at five. clear and calm tonight. overnight lows about 60 degrees. temperatures touching the mid- 80s for a day on thursday. 84 on thursday. friday, 82. couple of showers on saturday. looks look our best chance for showers will be saturday and then again monday. just a few showers. let's get the latest on traffic from julie wright who just loves this time of year. >> the best thing about september and october is pumpkin pie. that is all i'm going to say. on the roads, you will fine lanes are open traveling around the capital beltway. the overnight construction cleared between greenbelt, college park and silver spring. traffic flowing freely coming inbound leaving manassas headed
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for centreville. no issues to report as you continue eastbound headed in towards vienna and the capital beltway. westbound 66, overnight construction has two lanes getting by. lanes are open if you are traveling on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. top stretch of the beltway here at colesville road. traffic flowing freely on the outer loop out of college park. you will find lanes are open on both 95 and 295 traveling between bwi marshall and the beltway. no problems between annapolis, bowie and 29 #. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and historic footbridge over the c&o canal is closed due to damage. a tree fell on the sycamore island bridge. park officials want to make sure it is safe. a controversy is brewing at american university after a professor breast fed her baby during class and the school newspaper picked up on the
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story. professor adrienne pine peaches anthropology. it was the first day of the semester and her baby was sick. she brought her baby with her to class. she wrote in a blog, here is the story. i fed my sick baby during feminist anthropology class without disrupting the lecture. >> we don't have an explicit poll. breast feeding in the classroom. >> did professor pine do something wrong? >> i think there were a series of choices that were made and one has to walk back and look at those choices. for example, she -- the question of bringing a child to class and in this case, specifically a sick child. >> the dean says the university will examine its policies. as to whether pine will be disciplined for her actions, perez would only say it is a
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personnel matter and she wouldn't discuss t. the unveiling of the new iphone 5. >> could the new smart phone actually help jump start the economy? we'll smaip why some financial analysts say yes. -- we'll explain why some financial analysts say yes. stay with us.
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we could be hours away from getting our first look at the iphone 5. apple is expected to unveil the device during a press conference today. it is expected to have a taller screen along with hardware and software upgrades and there are high hopes for sales too. some analysts believe the new iphone could help jump start he economy. j.p.morgan's chief economist says sales could increase america's economic production by $2 billion in the current quart are and nearly $13 billion over the next year. since facebook went public. the stock's performance has been pretty disappointing but
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mark zuckerberg says the future is bright for the social network. >> he spoke publicly for the first time since the company's ipo in may. steve rapoport has more. >> reporter: facebook was the first u.s. company to debut on stock markets with a value of more than $100 billion. but since it went public back in may, the social networking site's stock has lost more than half of its worth. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing. >> reporter: ceo mark zuckerberg tried to calm concerns saying despite the numbers, it is a good time to buy stock in the company. >> i actually think it is a great time for people to join and a great time for people to stay and double down. >> reporter: analysts say investors have been concerned about facebook's ability to keep growing revenue as more people use if t. from mobile devices where there is less room to show ads. zuckerberg said mobile ads are good for the company. >> there are more users obviously. the second is that, per person
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who is using facebook on mobile, there is more engagement and they're spending more time. and per a time that people spend on mobile, we think we'll make a lot more money than we do on desk top. >> reporter: some folks in the tech world remain optimistic about the future. >> we do advertising on facebook. it has been really effective. >> it is all about the entrepreneur coming up with an idea, taking it forward and getting a group of people together and changing the world. mark zuckerberg stands here as an example of one person who did that. >> the stock is up 3% on tuesday. steve rapoport, fox news. in this morning's health alert, the threat of pancreatic cancer is rising and will become the second deadliest form of cancer in the u.s. by 2020. that is according to the pancreatic cancer action
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network. it is now the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states and is the only major cancer killer that has a rising death rate. there is no treatment for bank rattic cancer. the washington nats were looking to reduce their magic number as they take aim at the division title. >> with a homer and four rbis, and he checks one to left. see you later. the nat are on top 3-2. >> would that be enough to hold off the mets? sports breakfast is coming up next.
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in sports, the mets and nats paid tribute to the victims of 9-11 on the 11th anniversary of the attacks. as for the game, top of the seventh, nats trailed by one. tile are morris steps up with a
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two-run homer to get the lead. bryce harper knocked in a republican. he is my favorite baseball player. >> here we go. >> the nats have a 7 1/2 game lead over the braves. >> the nats are my favorite baseball team too. >> i think they're everybody's favorite right now. the orioles hosted the rays, bottom of the third. hardy golfed one to left for the a two-run homer. he added another homer in the eighth inning. the os win 9-2 and are now tied for first with the yankees who were beaten by the red sox. >> i like the os too. >> there is my favorite football player and my favorite team, the washington redskins. the opening day win is still the buzz around d.c. especially the performance by my first player, right there, robert griffin iii. he displayed some serious versatility by running several opposite plays just like the ones he ran in college. shanahan said it only made
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sense for incorporate it in the offensive scheme. >> i think with robert, the different is you got a guy that can run. he has the capability of putting pressure on the offense. you only have to run it two or three times a game. in the back of the mind, the defense knows you have the ability to do it. you have a chance to keep them off balance even if you dent run it a lot. >> to the pitch and a world cup qualifier. the u.s. looking to aconvention last friday's loss to jamaica. a rematch on u.s. soil. goal owes a free kick hits it off the diving goal keeper and in for the only sally of the game. the u.s. wins a critical game. >> you know air good when


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